8/22/2018 Release 5.12.02

-  Added volunteers to broadcast

-  Added link to Broadcast in Dashboard

-  Added season filter to Teams in Broadcast to enable sending to past teams

-  Added concept of IsGloballySubscribed and updated all views in Broadcast to respect.

-  Added Expiry Date check to Broadcast when sending by Roles.

-  Added option to show available time slots on schedule calendar view.

-  Added Report Viewer for accessing Reports outside the Dashboard.

-  Renamed Coach Details Report to Coach Contacts

-  Renamed Unassigned Players Report to Available Players

-  Added Official Roster, Available Players and Coach Contacts report to be displayed on My Team Registrations.

-  Added configuration to turn on off reports that are available under My Team Registrations.

-  Fix query on Players on Multiple teams returning duplicates.

- Added settings for Team blackouts -- disable and max # of blackouts to allow.

- Added settings for Coach rescheduling -- min/max days from today (date range/window) to allow rescheduling and disable notifications to rosters.

- Added date range fix for birth date input of participants.


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