Transfers - Setup an Event to allow Transfers

An Event can be configured to allow parents to transfer out of one event into a different event.  You will need to configure the event to allow transfers which will make the Transfer button visible on the Parent Profile Page under Event Registrations. 


To setup Transfers follow these steps:

  • Go to Events in Dashboard

  • Select to edit the Event you want to allow Transfers from
  • Click the Options tab
  • Check the Allow Transfers Box
  • You can apply a Transfer Fee if you wish to charge for transfers
  • You can apply a date that will auto disable transfers 
  • Configure and Save


**Important Note: the transfer process will calculate the price owed (if there is a balance) against the price paid for the registration at the time of the order.  Additionally it will calculate using time based pricing (if applicable) for the price of the event being transferred to.

i.e. If the original order was completed during the early pricing ($135) but the transfer is completed during late pricing ($185) the difference will be calculated ($50) and be required to pay.  If you would like to waive the difference you can create a coupon to adjust their cart.  





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