5.5.0 Release Notes and Features

- Introduced a new setting in Dashboard to specify which role is the Sports Administrator Role. BE SURE THAT all PSR Sites are visted and updated to specify the "Sports Administrators" Role after installation is complete.
- Implemented Permissions that can be configured per Organization. Mimics how standard Permissions work.
- Modified all dashboard controls to respect organization level permissions.
- Added better filtering to all Tabular Reports. Can now filter by Organization/Season/Event etc.
- Adding caching to Season, Organization and Organization Permissions to improve dashboard (and entire application) performance.
- Added ability to export sales data on the Product Listing control.
- Added Quantity and Amount Paid to the Current Registration report (USYVL).
- Added a new permission on the Dashboard to control who can edit organization permissions.
- Added ability to specify a Transfer and Deferral End Date.
- Added configuration to allow transfers across organizations.
- Standardized the role name for sports administrators to be "Sports Administrators". All new instances this name should be used.
- Changed the order or Reports to be ordered by Name.
- Remove all reports in the Dashboard navigation. The user can still drill in and view details by clicking on the graph but no other reports are available.
- Changed the Dashboard permission name from Override Rules to Override Workduty Rescheduling Rules to be more verbose.
- Renamed Current Registrations Report to Player Registrations and now include any custom form fields on the report.
- Modified Team Registrations Report to include any custom form fields on the report.


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