Manage a Disputed Charge

If you have someone who is disputing a charge on their credit card from your organization you will need to take action.  You will need to respond to any disputes in the amount of time stated or the charges will be reversed. Any disputed funds are automatically removed from your Stripe Account and held until the dispute is settled.

To manage a Dispute follow these Steps

  • In Stripe you will see a Disputes tab under Transactions-Only if you have someone who filed a dispute. 

  • Click on Disputes - a list of disputes will open

  • Select the Unanswered Disputed charge 
  • You can either Respond to the Dispute and Stripe will help you collect the appropriate information or you can Accept the Dispute and the charges will be credited back to the customer.

  • Once the Dispute is resolved the funds will either be deposited back into your Stripe account or refunded back to the customer


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