Pay a Failed Installment Payment with Other Form of Payment

If you choose to take another form of payment to get a customer with unpaid/failed payments paid you will need to follow a series of steps.

  • Look up the Order in the Dashboard
  • Find the unpaid invoice 
  • click Pay

  • Select the payment method
  • Click Submit

*You can pay just one invoice or all of them to get the order paid in full.  If the order is paid in full they will be removed from the subscription and no more invoices will be generated in Stripe.  

**You then need to log into your Stripe account, look up the customer and forgive the invoice(s) you paid on your website.  

***If you paid the order in full make sure all open invoices are forgiven in Stripe and the customer is removed from the Delinquent List.


Remove a Customer from Delinquent List:





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