Event Transfer

Here is how a user can transfer from one event to another once you have configured the event to allow transfers:

  • log into the website
  • navigate to the "My Profile" page
  • under "My Event Registrations" click the "transfer" button next to the event you are transferring out of

  • this will redirect to the transfer wizard
  • select the event to transfer to from teh available list
  • click the register button and fill out the form for the new event and it will be added to the cart

  • proceed through the wizard steps
  • complete order

**If the event you are transferring into is more or due to time based pricing has increased, you will be prompted to pay the difference on the checkout step. If the event is less than original event no money will be refunded.

**After the transfer is processed the participant will be removed from the old event (and any team they may have been rostered to).  They will now be part of the new event and available to be rostered as needed.

***If your original order was in an Installment Plan you will continue in that Plan and be invoiced your original monthly installment amounts until paid in full.


Set up Event to Allow Transfer


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