Installment Plans Report

We have created an Installment Plan Report to see who is in an Installment Plan and the status of their invoices.  This report can be exported to Excel to get a more specific report view:

  • Log into your website
  • Go to the Dashboard
  • Click on Reports
  • Select Report - Installment Plans 
Filtering from report screen:
  • Check the "Filter Results" checkbox
  • You will now see a text field under each heading
  • Enter the data you are searching for under the appropriate heading.
  • Click the filter icon (next to field) and pick "contains" from Drop Down Menu.  To remove a filter choose "no filter"
  • You can choose another field to filter if you want to refine your data even more. Just fill in the text field with your search criteria and select "contains" from the drop down. 
  • The reports can be viewed here or exported to Excel by clicking the "Export to Excel" button at the bottom of the screen.


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