Team Registration

If you are a Coach and registering a team, follow these steps

  • Follow your Associations instructions on how to get to the "Team Registration" page. You may have a button on the home page or your Association may provide a specific link to your dedicated page.
  • Create a Team 


  • Register your Team
  • If you are inviting players - Add your invited players first, last name and email **Your name, as the user, will default in the first spot.  Just remove and start adding your players.

  • Finish adding your roster
  • Agree to the terms, pay (if event is Coach Pay) and Done
  • Emails with the Registration link will be sent to your invited players - If you invited players 
  • If you are not inviting players then you will pay and done.


To manage your invites:
  • Log in and go to your my profile page (Click on name in header or footer, depends on skin design)
  • View your invited players and see their status - make sure you're on current season tab
  • Remove players/add players and send out reminders
  • To edit invited players email address, remove the player and just add them back with the corrected information
  • To increase your team size click "edit" next to your team name, make change and click save


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