Process a "non" Requested Refund

You will want to process all refunds (whether they are full or partial) directly through your website. It will trigger several very important steps that need to happen to keep your data as clean as possible.

Steps to process a non requested refund:

  • log in 
  • go into the dashboard
  • select Accounts/search
  • look up the parent by first, last name or email
  • select view orders
  • find the order you want to refund - You may need to click to see the refund button 
  • select "refund"
  • make any changes necessary to the amount to be refunded
  • special notes will be offered for you to follow based on important factors around the particular registration you are refunding
  • add a note, **it is required 
  • submit
A few scenarios to consider:
  • when you are refunding an order that has a $0 balance due to the use of a discount you want to adjust the amount to be refunded to be $0 so there is no balance.
  • if you are refunding a portion of an order but want to keep the participant in the event you will want to check "keep registration".


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