Request a Refund

A refund may be requested for an event based on your organizations refund policy. 
 To request a refund please follow these steps:
  • Log in to your website
  • Click on your name either in the header or footer to go to your Profile Page and you will see all of your Event registrations for each participant
  • Select the Participant and Event for which you are requesting a refund
  • Click "Refund"
  • Provide a Reason for the Refund
  • Your Work Duty shift(s) will show up at the bottom. If you want to be removed from Work Duty check the box.  If you do not check to be removed you will still be responsible for fulfilling the shift
  • click "Submit"
An administrator of your organization will review your request and either process or reject it based on the refund policy you agreed to during registration and the time frame of which the request was made. 
Once a decision has been made you will be notified via email.
If a Work Duty is required and selected for the event and you click the box to be removed from your Work Duty Assignments an email will be sent to the appropriate person in your organization. 


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