Create a Tournament Bracket

From the dashboard of your website navigate to:

  1. Leagues/Schedules/Create a New Tournament
    • Choose season
    • Name your tournament
    • Give a start/end date
    • Provide the number of teams in the pool
    • Select Pool
  2. Configure Match Up
    • Schedule games based on seeding or standings
    • Once done review bracket at bottom of page and click “Create Tournament”
    • Click Next
    • Click Publish
  3. Scheduling Games
    • Click edit after publishing your bracket
    • Drag and drop matchup onto the calendar or choose schedule
      • Choose field location, date, and create timeslot
    • Once on the calendar if you choose a matchup you can then edit/swap/unschedule or delete
  4. Viewing Playoff bracket and schedule
    • Navigate out of the dashboard and go to the Playoff page
    • Select your tournament to view
  5. To edit/add to a tournament
    • Navigate to dashboard
    • Go to leagues/schedules
      • Click “edit” to edit the schedule
      • Click edit tournament to edit the games
      • Additionally you can delete or export


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