Send A Broadcast

    • Recipients  - choose one or more Teams, Registrations, Other
    • Message
      • add a subject
      • compose message in the editor
      • Check Box for Separate message for Text - 

    You must use a separate message for Text if your message is longer than 140 characters. If not then your recipient group will receive multiple texts messages. 


    • Options  - this will allow you to attach a single document or image (you must compose a message also - you can not just attach a file). If a document is attached the Check Box to send a separate message for Text must be selected and a message entered in the field.

    • Select your broadcast channel to send email, text, or both
    • Send Tab - The summary will show the total amount of emails and texts that will be sent. 

    • Click Send (Blue Send Button) - This will send the Broadcast.  


    You will then see a Green Status Bar "Messages Successfully Sent"  



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