Building Rosters

Step 1 Event Set up: You will need to set your event to allow for team creation.

  • Dashboard
  • Events
  • Edit the event
  • Click on "participant registration" tab
  • Check box "Allow team creation"

Step 2: Create Teams

  • Dashboard
  • Teams
  • Create teams
  • Select the event 

 Step 3: Assigning Players to your Team

Available Players are all of the players that are waiting to be assigned to a roster for that event/age division/gender.  
    • You have the ability from this page to change team/age division and gender
      • e.g. if a player needs to play up a grade level you would "Edit Roster" for the team you want that player on, change the age division and then select that player from "Available player" list and "Add to Roster"
Roster for (team) are all the players that have been rostered to your team
To remove a rostered player simply click "remove" next to that players name and they will automatically go back up into the list of available players
To assign a player to a different team or age division 
  • remove the player from any team first 
  • change the team selection at the top and or age division 
  • add player to roster


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