View & Manage Accounts/Orders

When you view or manage an Account/order you can view or email a receipt, issue a refund on an order, edit a participant & user account or registration.


To View or Manage an Account or Order follow these steps:

  • Log In
  • Go to Accounts in the Dashboard
  • You can filter by first name, last name or email
  • Click View Order 
  • the < by the order id will expand the order to show complete order details
  • Select any other options you wish to manage 
  • Click Done


If you Select Edit Participant you will see their Participant Registration Form.

If you Select Edit Registration you will see the Registration Form they filled out during the registration process.

If you Select Edit User Account you will see the form they filled out when they created their account. Here you can change the email address or the their password if they forgot it or don't have access to the email address they originally used to create their account.    



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