Add Images to Rotator

To add images to a rotator: 

  • first use an editing tool to crop and resize all your images to the same size (max size being 1200 x 400; typical size 1024 x 400).  
  • Set resolution to 72dpi
  • Save to machine

**Important -Your pictures need to be edited to this exact size and resolution before adding to your site. 

Once you have edited your images, log into the site.  Make sure the pages is in "edit Mode"


  • Hover over  or 
  • Select add/edit slides
  • Or Select Add/Edit slides under Rotator
  • Click Add new slides
  • Give image a title
  • Scroll down to Image URL and click the radio button “File”
  • Select the file location (folder) and click Upload new file
  • Click Choose file
  • From there your document manager will open on your machine, find your image and select open
  • Once selected click Upload selected file
  • Click "Submit" at bottom of page to complete



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