Process a Refund Request

As an administrator for your Organization you will have the ability to approve a refund or deny a refund request for an event based on your organizations refund policy. 

All paid in full refunds can and should be handled directly through your website rather than the merchant provider.  Installment plan refunds are handled differently.  Please contact us at
To view the refund requests:
  • Log in to your web site
  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Click "Accounts"
  • Select "Refund Requests"
Choose the Action you wish to take
Process Refunds
  • Click "Process Refund" - Here you can see the order details and the reason for the refund request
  • Under "Refund Details" if an amount is present in the "fee" field, your Organization has a preset nonrefundable fee that has been set up. (You have the ability to manually override this fee as needed by entering a different amount or even $0.  The Fee cannot be greater than the refund fee set at the event level.)
  • The Refund Amount shows the total amount of the refund. (This amount can not be greater than the order total.)
  • Under Notes, supply a reason for the approval of the refund and click "Submit"
** Today, an event is the only product that can be refunded.  Products like work duty and fundraising or any other add-on will have to be handled manually. 
If the Player is currently on a roster the refund process will remove the roster entry and notify the coach of the change.
If a Work Duty shift was selected and the person requesting a refund chooses to be dropped from their Work Duty Assignments, the person will be removed from the shift and an email will be sent to your organization. The parent can choose to keep the work duty shift and fulfill the obligation.
If a Fundraiser was selected the appropriate people in your organization may need to be notified of the changes to this registration.
An email will be sent to the parent explaining that the refund was processed.


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