Create Sub Calendars

Creating Sub Calendars

You can set up this feature on each team page calendar and then set the “Club Calendar “ as  a sub calendar.  Anything you update on the team page calendar will only display here, but anything you add to the “club calendar” will automatically display on the team page calendar.

Setting a unique team page calendar title: 

In order to distinguish each grade/team page calendars you will want to edit the calendar module title.

* If this effects all team pages within your club then it will not be necessary to edit the title

  • go to the team page
  • Click "edit settings"
  • Rename the Calendar Title
  • Click Update to Save your changes at the bottom   

        **For example, change Team calendar to 3rd Grade calendar

Set Up:

  • Go to the page with the calendar you want to set as the main calendar
  • Hover over  and from the drop down menu choose "Edit Settings"
  • Go to the Sub Calendar tab
  • check box
  • Click on the calendars you want to add as sub calendars.(The >>will select all)
  • Once you have chosen all calendars click update settings.


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