Upload an Image

Your site is a content management system (CMS) and contains a file manager just like your PC.  You can add images to any Text/HTML module.

Before uploading an image you will want to edit/crop it to first in a tool like Photoshop or Fireworks and then save the new image on your PC.

  • Edit the content of your module
  • Click on the arrow next to the "paperclip" icon  and select image manager
  • Once there your document manager on your website will open
  • Create a new folder  or select the folder on your site you want to upload your image to 
  • Once you have selected a folder click the upload button    in the header
  • Click select to open up your document manager on your PC
  • Select the image(s) you want to upload to the folder
  • Insert the image 
  • Click "Save" 


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