To add a new announcement to your website:

  • Hover over pencil.png
  • Select Add new Announcement
  • Give it a title
  • Create announcement in editor (which is the same editor used with the text/html modules)


  • Within the editor you can attach documents, link emails or external URL's (See our Knowledge base article titled "Attach a File to your Text/HTML module" for details)
  • You can give your article a publish date and time and an expiration date and time
  • Click update
**Giving your articles expiration dates helps to auto maintain your content.  Plus you can expire an article and republish as needed.  An article is only permanently removed if you delete it.
To edit an announcement:
  • click on the "pencil" icon"  next to the announcement you want to edit
  • make any changes
  • click update


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