Team - Invited Participant Registration

Register using the link 

If you have team registrations with invited players an email is sent with a registration link to come back and register for the team.  If the parent clicks the link to register their participant they will be linked directly to the Registration Wizard to complete their registration and be automatically added to that team's roster.

Register using Registration Button on site

If a parent doesn't use the link to register but uses the Register Button on the website they can still register for the team they were invited to and use the invitation code in the email.  When they select Register a form will open asking if they have an Invitation Code.  They can enter the code here and Submit and complete the registration.  This work flow will automatically roster that player to the team that invited them. 



Register without an Invite Code - If a parent doesn't have an invitation code they can still register as a pool player for your event.  Again when they click Register from the Website they will see the above form but will click Screenshot_062717_114901_AM.jpg to be directed to the Registration Wizard.  If registering without an invite code the participant becomes a pool player and available to be added to a team roster later.



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