Create or Edit Discount/Coupon Codes

To create or edit a coupon/discount code follow these steps

Log in and go to Dashboard

  • Commerce
  • Discounts
  • Add a Discount or Pick the Discount you wish to edit
  • Fill in all fields with an *
  • Formula can either be a dollar amount or percentage
  • Check the Enable box to turn coupon on
  • Start Date is when the coupon can first be used
  • End Date is when that coupon can no longer be used 
  • Max uses per coupon is how many times that coupon can be used total - If set to 1 coupon code can only be used 1 time
  • Max uses per user is how many times an account can use that coupon code - this should be 1 so users can't use the discount more than 1 time.
  • Enter Discount Code(s) 
  • Click Add Code
  • All codes assigned to this discount will display in Current Codes window
  • Save



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