5.8.0 Release Notes & Features

  • Implemented Teamify
  • Fixed bug that did not allow administrators to change the refund fee amount if set to zero dollars.
  • Fixed bug with not being able to remove the non-resident fee from cart.
  • Disabled edit button for registrations that are refunded on the My Profile page.
  • Disabled edit button for registrations that are in refund request state on the My Profile page.
  • Fixed several issues with Transfers not working correctly.
  • Fixed bug with Facility Editor not loading fields the first time in.
  • Removed confusing text on receipts for transfers.
  • Fixed bug with creating products checking only by name and not including the PortalId. This caused cross Event usage of a product.
  • Improved load time of Accounts screen.
  • Changed the Request Refund to be allowed even for Installment Orders. This way, emails go out and the request is documented for us to handle separately/offline.
  • Modified the transfer process to a. Use the price paid for the registration at time of order and b. use time based pricing (if applicable) for the price of the event being transfer to.
  • Added Teams Export report.
  • Broadcast - added checkbox to enable user's email as reply-to address.
  • Broadcast - added checkbox to enable user's email as from address (when domain is same as portal admin's).
  • Improved performance of Broadcast.
  • Changed broadcast event selection to a treeview control to allow for event selection across seasons.
  • Added tooltips to broadcast from/reply-to checkboxes.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate shopping cart item when profile name is changed in a middle of registration.


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