Create League Schedule

From the dashboard of your website navigate to:

    1. Leagues/Schedules/Create a New Schedule
      • Choose season, click Next
    2. Divisions
      • select all the divisions you want to run your schedule for
      • You can select one age group or select all
      • click Next
    3. Field Availability
      • Set a start/end date for your schedule
      • Select facility and fields you want to schedule games on.  Check the location in the tree view to select all fields available or expand the tree view to select specific fields for that location.
      • Click Done & Next
    4. Timeslots
      • Create timeslots
      • Click Next
    5. Generate
      • Enter name for your schedule
      • Set number of games per team 
      • Set minimum rest time between games
      • Click Create Schedule
        • A informational section will display to notify you of any match up discrepancies
      • Chose Edit Schedule to view schedule and make changes before publishing or Click Next to move forward.


  1. Publish
    • Choose publish to complete and make public on website
    • Choose edit to see your schedule you created and make any changes before you publish
  2. Editing a Schedule
    • Navigate to dashboard
    • Go to leagues/schedules
    • Click “edit” next to your schedule
    • Match ups that have not been schedule and need attention will appear at the top
      • drag and drop on calendar or click schedule
      • Scheduled games will appear on calendar
      • Once on the calendar if you choose a matchup you can then edit/swap/unschedule or delete
  3. Additionally you can delete or export a schedule


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